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COVID-19: A Mini-Series Part 5: The Student Experience

November 30, 2020
In this fifth & final episode of our COVID-19 mini-series we turn to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine graduate students in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and medicine to gather their take on how the pandemic impacted their studies, career prospects and daily life. Join hosts Bernice Lau and Mikaela Stiver exploring themes around short-term changes to the student experience in clinical and research programs, departmental and university responses to COVID-19, projected long-term impacts on the future of healthcare, and potential 'silver linings’!

rehabINK Podcast

Episode Credits
Hosts: Mikaela Stiver & Bernice Lau
Executive Producer: Kyla Alsbury & Julia Rybkina
Audio Editors: Julia Rybkina, Lucas Crosby, & Mikaela Stiver
Music: Kyla Alsbury & Kyle Nealy
Promotional Illustrations: Mikaela Stiver  

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